• At PARAMOUNT CLASSES, students are treated as Future Nation Builders. So every individual is studied by our experts and then we put the child into LEVEL I, II, III program, with a discussion with the parents. We believe somebody who is not used to working hard or handling pressure, should not be pressurized. Rather we put the child in LEVEL I and they gradually work their way up. In almost every Coaching Centres, a single batch is formed, regardless of the different levels of the students. These students of different level are taught together at a speed at which not everyone can grasp. During this process, many capable students lose hopes and give up.
  • At PARAMOUNT CLASSES, the students are not treated as Money-Making-Machines. We prefer giving 6-days-a-week Classes over weekday or weekend programs. So that sufficient time can be given to all. Unlike what other Coaching Centres do - give out a test schedule at the beginning itself, but conduct them at the last moments, we at PARAMOUNT CLASSES, go by taking regular tests so that the student get time to improve their mistakes.
  • The basic concept of conducting weekly tests is, to provide ample opportunity to student to learn time management skills and tune herself/himself for 3 HOURS of CONCENTRATION. Our Tests are verisimilar to the final examinations.
  • Conducting weekly tests are not enough. Here at PARAMOUNT CLASSES, each answer is checked precisely for a scope of improvement and the remarks reach the parents on time.
  • We have a library in which every material/source of information is provided so that the child does not miss out on anything.
  • Doubt clearance sessions are conducted every day. We believe there are four stages of learning:
    (i) Understand the concepts
    (ii) Revise often to carry them along
    (iii) Practice all types of questions on every concept
    (iv) Clear doubts without any delay

    This ensures speedy and clear ways to answer many twisted questions. We don't bargain on any of these stages which ensure our success.
  • All Our programs are success-guaranteed.