Our Vision & Mission

  • PARAMOUNT CLASSES is committed to the vision of providing the very best of education and there by contributing to the intellectual and emotional growth of its students. As an educational setup we aim to provide a platform where goals are achieved, skills are nurtured and values are built.

    Our motto is to continuously inspire and motivate students on the path to mega success. We believe that learning is a life long experience and we provide every facility and amenity, every kind of right opportunity, to ensure a rich and rewarding intellectual climate for the student to rise and shine in all his/her future endeavours.

  • At PARAMOUNT CLASSES, students are not treated as Money-Making-Machines.
  • Over the years, PARAMOUNT CLASSES has produced top grade achievers in amazing numbers. This is possible only if our students were given the best instructions, all round moulding, constant guidance and monitoring, abundant facilities and above all the best faculty to justify all these. The maturity and wisdom which is the precious by products of all our effort are accumulated and have become catalysts and reinforcements in these subsequent efforts.
  • At PARAMOUNT CLASSES, we don't believe in giving straight-away Rajma Chawal (Red Kidney Beans - Rice) to a person who is living on Khichdi (Porridge) all his life. We first improve his digestion system and then finally make them for the toughened.