The Salient Features of Rapid NEET - AIIMS being offered by PARAMOUNT CLASSES are as following:

  • Suitable for XII Appearing / XII Passed Students.
  • Classes will be conducted on Mondays to Fridays (1600 hrs to 1930 hrs).
  • This Program helps students to improve their All India Rank. Doubt Removal Sessions, developing examination temperament, tips to crack Medical and rank enhancement techniques are an integral part of this Program. Students enrolled in this Program are eligible for pattern tests for Medical. This helps them to develop good examination skills and an opportunity to compete on a national platform before the real competitions.
  • Weekly Test conducted on Sundays (0900 hrs to 1200 hrs) among PARAMOUNT CLASSES students. It gives our students unique opportunity to perform weekly and see their rank potential among the real NEET & AIIMS aspirants. It is the life line of every Program offered by PARAMOUNT CLASSES. Besides keeping the students competitive and motivated, it helps them to realise their full potential. After taking several Weekly Tests our students become so confident and prepared that even the NEET & AIIMS paper becomes easier for them. We believe that excellent academic training and preparation along with continuous practice is the essence of success in Boards / NEET & AIIMS and other competitive examinations. Thus there will be 4 Weekly Tests in a month to keep a check regularly on students performance and to support them to work on their deficient areas through analysis provided to them. NEET & AIIMS pattern based : Weekly Tests to be held in First three weeks of the month will be based on NEET & AIIMS pattern of the respective topics considered in the particular week for the test.

    CBSE pattern based : To equip the students with necessary practice for good score in CBSE boards, few CBSE test will be conducted based on CBSE pattern in between of Weekly Tests.

    • Admission will be offered after Admission-cum-Scholarship Test.
      • For Fee Details please contact here or
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